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Jamon & Manchego croquetas – because its isolation, our chef Damien has kindly agreed to share the recipe

make your own Jamon & manchego croquetas

You will need

300g  jamon or proscuitto, finely chopped

1 brown onion, diced

1 tbl chopped rosemary

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

125g butter diced

125g plain flour

400ml milk

100ml cream

100ml chicken stock

1 cup manchego or mozzarella, grated

for crumbing-6 eggs, lightly beaten

1 cup plain flour

2 cups panko bread crumbs


In a heavy-based saucepan on a low heat, sweat off the onions until translucent then add garlic and rosemary and cook for further 2-3 minutes. Add the chopped jamon and stir through just enough to render some of the fat out. Add the butter to the mixture. When the butter has melted, stir in the flour and cook for further 2 minutes.

In a separate pot, bring milk, cream and chicken stock to a gentle simmer. Gradually add 1/4 of the liquid at a time to the mixture, continuously stirring until smooth. Season with salt and black pepper. You might not need salt depending on the jamon or proscuitto you use. Transfer to a bowl and allow to cool. Once mixture is cool, add the grated manchego. Refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours or until the mixture is completely cold and firm.

Roll heaped tablespoons of the mixture into croquetas shapes(about 5cm long-and 40g), and place on a lined baking tray. Before crumbing, put the croquetas back in the fridge to firm again. You will find after rolling, the mixture will heat up and soften.

Put the extra flour, eggs and bread crumbs into three separate bowls. Toss the croquettes in the flour, dip in the egg, allowing the excess to drain away, then roll in breadcrumbs. Put back onto the tray and refrigerate

Either using a deep fryer, or heavy-based saucepan 1/3 full of oil at 170C, add croquetas in small batches and deep fry for 3 mins turning until golden brown. Drain well, serve, enjoy.

Note, croquetas can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days or frozen 

Easy does it with the day drinking

Ok day drinkers, if mojitos are getting you too wobbly too early in the day, I have a great alternative for you – the Rebujito.

The Rebujito is a simple cocktail of dry sherry, lemon juice, sugar syrup, mint leaves and soda. Served in an highball glass with ice and garnished with fresh lemon. It’s a refreshing cocktail that you can drink all day without ending up on your arse up before dinner….

The Rebujito is extremely popular in the area around Seville, Spain, namely during Feria del Caballo, also known as Feria del Jerez (which translates to horse fair and sherry fair, respectively), an Andalusian-area festival held in the late spring.


60ml Fino or Amontillado Sherry

30ml Fresh Lemon Juice

20ml Sugar Syrup

Fresh Mint Leaves

Soda Water


In a highball glass full of ice add sherry, lemon juice, sugar syrup and mint leaves. Gently mix in glass and top with soda water. Garnish with fresh lemon and mint.


Take Away menu

We have closed our doors to regular diners and have opened up to take away! Yes, you can take Seabean home from 24 March.

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International Paella Day in Port Douglas

Yes, it’s big. Yes, it’s delicious. Yes, you want it all to yourself…⁠
but we all know the best things in life are shared. ⁠

Take away and celebrate this very special day with us

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Closed on 26 and 27 January

Staff are excited – owners are ready!

It’s time to party at our annual staff party. We will be closing on Sat 26th and Sun 27th January and apologise for any inconvience,

we will reopen on Tuesday 28th January and remain open as usual until the 2 February, when we will close for holidays (4 weeks) and reopen on 4 March.

We are looking forward to returning with gusto!!

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14 Jan 2020

Christmas Opening Hours

Seabean will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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