Take a typical tapas bar in Barcelona and put it in a resort town in Tropical North Queensland. Add a passionate Iberophile (that’s lover of all things Spanish, to those of you playing at home), a selection of well-sourced top notch drops and a restaurant and kitchen crew that effortlessly slide the space between bar, restaurant, local hang and visitor must-do. The Iberophile in case is Henry Johnston, Seabean proprietor and self-confessed feeder.

Johnston has been a permanent fixture in the Port Douglas hospitality scene for almost as long as it’s been a holiday destination. Arriving in the tropics fresh-faced from Melbourne where he was trained and mentored by the Van Handels (of Stokehouse fame), Henry’s reputation as old school, sharp-as-a-tack, hospitality professional is almost legendary.

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Owner & Executive Chef




You know how it goes. 

You eat something out, and love it so much you simply can't wait to flex those mad culinary skills at home. So you ask the Chef for his prized recipe. He scrawls it out on the back of a napkin, you pop it n your bag and only see it next time you go fishing for something. Isn't that right, Mary Poppins?

Well, fear not. To save the plight of unloved bag napkins all over the world, we'll be giving you regular recipes from our very own Seabean kitchen.

Head to the Seabean Stories page for a few nibbles of delicious secrets from the kitchen, the bar and Henry's private rum collection. Oh yes.