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Our Prize worthy Paella

Did you know that paella originally was the name of the pan it was cooked in ?? Then apparently around 1840 the tasty rice dish became known as paella rather than what it was cooked in - simple.

Look at it... on the flame... You can almost smell the saffron mingling with the rice, stock, and a sofrito of onion, garlic, and tomatoes. This is what Damien, out Head Chef, explains is the most important part .. the sofrito must be tantalizingly delicious so that the remaining ingredients explode with flavour.

What paella cooks all agree on is you must let the rice sit, undisturbed, on the pan’s flat bottom until it forms a soccarat, the prized toasty crust. Don’t make the rookie mistake of discarding this as ‘burnt rice’ – that’s exactly what your more experienced dining partners would want you think. Traditionally offered to the most important member of the family .. the Abuela (grandmother) here, at Seabean, it can be shared amongst all as equals at the feast.

What makes it even more special and another very traditional way of eating Paella is the way it is served – in the pan where it was cooked, in the middle of your table. The absolute star of the tapas feast.

Finally, if there is one last thing to know about paella, it is that, from its very preparation to the final act of enjoyment, it is a dish designed for sharing and for bringing people together. And that, that moment in which everyone prepares to tuck in, equipped with only a smile and a fork, is perhaps the most important element of a good paella.

Please try our Paella in the tropics.. cooked and served with respect to tradition.

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